Hi, I'm Olivier Van den Mooter and an I'm a web developer. This is a selection of my work, I do a lot of things, mostly front / back-end development but I also take every opportunity to experiment and / or configure hardware. Design is something I do occasionally.

Smaaktest 201602-11-2016

Smaaktest 2016



Creation of the new fifhtplay intgrated with Hubspot



A Thursday evening project when I got a creative urge to draw. I started form a photo of I real wolf. I don't do a lot of design work at least not this kind. I sometimes do UI elements but not really to design more for a functional purpose. But I'm happy with the result. Maybe I will let it print into a A3 for one of my frames. Update 11/1115 : I've got the idea to make a set of these to make the my living room a bit more uniform. Until now they were a bit random and had some outdated school projects in them. I made the 3 other drawings with the same technique.